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About Us

About us

Our names are Cristy & Maria. We are 26 & 21 years old respectively.
We are latinas born in Sinaloa, Mexico and we now live in Palm Springs, CA.
We have always had a love for creating different forms of art; from makeup to painting and now making simple glass pieces into something beautiful. The 2020 quarantine has brought our love for creating to a whole new level because we want to create and inspire others to do what they love, especially through the hard times humanity is going through.
Our why
Our whys are different. Maria is in her third year of college and is juggling multiple jobs. Creating art has helped her express herself in different ways and has also become a source of happiness and stress-relief.
I (Cristy) am a mom of three girls. I want to do what I love and create a business out of it so that I can stay home with my girls and give them the life they deserve.